B52 – Number one in a field of one

B52 – Number one in a field of one

A much-needed change is coming to banking, with the advent of an entirely new type of bank. Bank52 is the first to offer ‘Any Asset’ banking, where customers can use crypto and fiat currencies, plus any other form of tokenizable asset, in a seamless way for any transactions. All of this is possible within existing European regulatory structures.

The ‘Any Asset’ approach is the first of its kind and effectively deals with the dilemma of how to regulate in the crypto world, as it allows assets to be tokenized and payments / receipts made in fiat, crypto, or any other asset.

Along with myself, the B52 co-founders are vastly experienced European C-level bankers who have previously started, operated and owned banks; and we are supported by a team of highly qualified Advisors and Investors, as a glance at the Bank52.com website will confirm.

B52 enters the market at a time when banking change is very much needed, and we are able to supply the solutions to problems encountered by many contemporary customers. ‘Any Asset’ banking has arrived – the unique offering of transactions with any asset.

In addition, the technical provision is extremely well developed, and will offer customers a large financial ecosystem in which to choose valuable products and services, many of which will be unique to B52. We have stated that one of our aims is to, ‘become the Amazon of financial services’, which will come through our ecosystem. The blockchain, and sophisticated, proven technologies ensure that safety and security are paramount.

Bank52 is a very significant development in banking, and I am proud of our claim to be ‘Number one in a field of one.’ Please check out our website, and feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions or observations.


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